Summertime is the Best Time for School Fire Alarm Inspections

While having your fire and security alarms inspected anytime is a good thing, summertime is the BEST time for schools to schedule their fire alarm testing and certificationsfor a number of reasons.

  • The Building is Empty

    While you may have a few employees who work throughout the year, the students and many of the teachers are out for the summer break. This means there are less people around who could be bothered by the school fire alarm testing, and increased safety for all parties involved.
  • Prepare for a New School Year

    There is no better feeling for administration than entering the new school year prepared for the year ahead. Taking care of security and fire alarm inspections NOW is a great first step.
  • Proactive Approach to Emergencies

    There is no warning for when you will depend on your alarm systems to notify you of an emergency. Do not wait until something happens to begin testing your alarm systems. Prevention of emergency situations and protection of our customers is always our goal at SAFE Inc.
  • Complete Code Compliance and Peace of Mind

    Every single device in your entire system is physically tested exactly as the law requires. First, we disable the audible/visual devices, then we pull every manual station, spray smoke in every smoke detector, apply heat to every heat detector, load test every battery, verify signals are received at the monitoring center, and perform many other integrity checks. This gives true peace of mind that your system is fully functional to protect lives and property.

Having your system inspected and certifiedis vital and required by state and national code. Here at SAFE Inc., our experts are trained to find things that may be wrong with your system—both serious and minor. This can include finding outdated or non-functional batteries, horns, strobes or other devices, identifying wiring problems, discovering misused extension cords, as well as taking note of lights without battery backup or monitoring issues.

Keeping a school, college, or university up and running smoothly is a very important job. That is why you need people on your side to help you keep your building safe and secure at all times. Call or contact us at SAFE Inc. today and schedule your annual fire alarm inspection. We offer fire alarm inspection and testing services in Jacksonville, Green Cove Springs, Ocala, Palm Coast, Daytona Beach, Palatka, Orlando and St. Augustine, Florida.We are ready to help you get your security and or fire alarm system tested, inspected, certified, andready to go for the year ahead!

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