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Fire Alarm Monitoring & Security System Monitoring Services in Central & North East Florida

The Monitoring Services provided by SAFE Inc. help large organizations remain protected.

A few of our monitoring options include:

Fire Alarm Monitoring

– Our monitoring service allows you to avoid false alarms, while giving you the comfort of knowing you are protected in case of an emergency.

fire alarm and sprinkler monitoring



Sprinkler Monitoring

– Monitor your sprinkler system and feel confident that it will work properly, when you need it to most. 

Security System Monitoring

– We monitor your security system and offer a fast response time to all alarms to assure that your building is protected from intruders.


Door and Access Control Monitoring

– Your door or gate control system allows only authorized personnel to enter your building. We monitor this system and assure it operates as it should.


Video Surveillance Monitoring

– Your video-based security system will only protect your company when it is properly monitored. Let us give you the updates you need.


Different Monitoring Modes

We offer traditional monitoring by “land line” telephone, as well as options that operate through your cellphone or internet service. We create custom solutions that work seamlessly for your organization—assuring you have the protection you need, day or night.

Our Customers Appreciate Our Alarm Monitoring Service

SAFE Inc. has provided customers in a number of industries with a variety of monitoring options. One of our local Jacksonville, Florida customers recently added 24/7 security system and camera monitoring and quickly realized that there were many gaps in their security system. This realization has allowed him to obtain the protection this organization needs—now with full-time monitoring!

If you have any questions about how fire, sprinkler, security, or other forms of monitoring can help protect your organization, call our experts at SAFE Inc. today.

SAFE Inc., a security system and fire alarm monitoring company offers services in Jacksonville, Green Cove Springs, Ocala, Palm Coast, Daytona Beach, Palatka, Orlando and St. Augustine, Florida.

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