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Many companies offer fire alarm inspection services. How do you choose?

We understand how disruptive fire alarm inspections can be if handled improperly (as you may have experienced). We also understand how important good pricing is. As you probably know, all fire alarm systems are legally required by both state law and national fire codes to be annually tested, inspected, and certified by qualified personnel. Every device in your system must be physically tested: every pull station must be activated, every smoke detector and duct smoke detector must be sprayed with smoke, every heat detector must be heated, and every horn and strobe must be activated. Batteries must be load tested and numerous other functions must be tested.

By choosing SAFE, you can relax. SAFE technicians know how to disable the horns and strobes, air conditioning shutdowns and other system functions so that inconvenience is minimized during the device testing. Horn and strobe activation is done for a few minutes only - not the entire time the devices are being tested.

There are many reasons why some companies do not test all devices, but with properly trained and experienced technicians, you can have both: true complete testing of all devices and minimal disruptions and hassle.

By choosing SAFE, you get:

  • Excellent Pricing
  • Expert Technicians
  • Accurate, thorough reports
  • Thorough testing of all devices
  • Minimal disturbance to occupants
  • Code compliance

We also offer optional device barcoding using the buildingreports.com scanner system.

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We offer fire alarm inspection and testing solutions in Jacksonville, Green Cove Springs, Ocala, Palm Coast, Daytona Beach, Palatka, Orlando and St. Augustine, Florida. We also offer following solutions:

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