Fire Sprinklers

Fire Sprinkler Design 

At SAFE Inc., we have been serving clients and customers since 1983. Our design engineers have the capacity and capability to collaborate with you to bring your fire sprinkler design to life. Our engineers have many years of experience and knowledge of the most current components, trends and latest technologies to take your concept to final manufacturing. We will work with you to create the most cost efficient and effective product. We will save you time and money while protecting lives and properties. 

Installation and Testing of Fire Sprinkler Systems

Once we have completed your fire sprinkler design, we then begin the installation process. We also make sure to follow the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards for fire sprinkler systems to make sure you are getting the highest quality service. Once the system is in place, SAFE Inc. will test to make sure that the sprinkler system’s fire-control performance is receiving an adequate flow of water, which is dictated by the available water supply. We test to make sure the fire sprinkler designed is performing up to standard and that the peak flow and pressure demand do not exceed the available supply of water.

Fire Sprinkler Maintenance and Repair

Routine maintenance of your fire sprinkler system is essential so that you may rest assured that your sprinkler system will function when the time comes. Our fully trained technicians are experts in installation, maintenance and repair of your system. Because our technicians have installed and built the systems, they are the ones who know better than anyone else how to maintain and repair your fire sprinkler system. Although annual check ups are standard, we recommend receiving monthly and quarterly inspections.

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