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Door access control systems give you door security and control that does not require a standard mechanical lock and key. Instead, this modern system uses keypads, swipe readers, badge readers, fingerprint technology or other methods to allow only authorized entry into specified areas through a door or gate.

What Industries Utilize Door Access Control Systems?

This type of door and gate security system can be used in nearly any imaginable industry. It is the most useful to those companies or industries that require a high level of security and protection. A few examples of the markets we work with most often include:

  • Airports - The stakes are high in airports and the need for security is huge. We offer a number of high-security solutions.
  • Banking - Banks and financial institutions often have spaces that are off-limits to consumers, we can protect them.door access control systems
  • Schools - Because we offer access that works dynamically, we are able to keep children in and unwanted guests out.
  • Office - Restricted areas are no problem with our door access systems.
  • Gaming - Gaming establishments trust us to set up access to off-limits areas.
  • Government - Public buildings need private spaces, and door access systems assure these areas stay secure.
  • Healthcare - At a hospital or even doctor’s office, it is important to control who goes where.
  • House of Worship - Even in a church or other house of worship, there will be spaces that must be off limits to the public.
  • Industrial - An industrial site may have spaces that are unsafe to those without proper clearance; the right door system can keep everyone safe.
  • Military - It is very important for military bases and other locations to remain secure and protected. Secured entry areas can do this.
  • Residential - Homeowners and renters feel safer when they know that not just anyone can get in their home or apartment.
  • Retail - Those retail businesses with multiple means of entry will appreciate having additional means of protection in place including secured access control systems.
  • Seaport - Much like an airport, a seaport must be kept under tight control. An access control system is a must.
  • Utilities - A utility organization may have areas that need to be protected from unauthorized guests using an access control system.

Safe Inc’s Door Access Control Solutions

The most important thing to note about Safe Inc. is that we do not utilize a one size fits all approach to door access control. We evaluate the needs of your particular facility and not only meet them, but we exceed them.

A few of our more popular options include:


- These touchpads require the authorized individual to input a passcode to open the door.


Swipe Readers

- This access control system reads a barcode or other element to open the door when an ID card or other agreed upon product is passed through the reader.


Proximity Badge Reader

- With this type of reader, the card doesn’t have to be swiped, just brought within proximity of the reader.


Biometric Fingerprint System

- This is a high-tech, high-security system that reads the individual’s fingerprint and only allows someone to pass when the fingerprint scan matches.


We offer gate and door access control solutions in Jacksonville, Green Cove Springs, Ocala, Palm Coast, Daytona Beach, Palatka, Orlando and St. Augustine, Florida. We also offer following solutions:

SAFE Inc. completed repairs and installation of a Door King gate access control system for one its clients in Jacksonville. To read more, click here.

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