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Business Security Solutions

When you think of security, you may think of the commonly advertised wireless home security systems and assume they are only for residential customers. However, commercial and industrial consumers also have a large need for security with many great options available to them. The best commercial security systems protect not only property and merchandise, but the lives of you and your staff.

Options in Commercial Security Systems

SAFE Inc. offers a number of security system options for our commercial, industrial, and residential customers. A few of our most popular security systems include:


- Our team is made up of security/surveillance camera installation experts. We custom design the placement of your cameras and create plans for reviewing footage through direct monitoring or recording.


Remote Access Security

- Allow access to designated areas by only designated people - this assures you have control over restricted areas. Mobile remote access allows you to grant access at the touch of a button.


Security Alarms

- Both audible and silent alarms are available and our security system monitoring means fewer false alarms and a higher level of confidence.


Systems Integration Solutions

- Protect your building, people and inventory from theft, fire, flood and other dangers in one integrated package.


Custom Designs

- We can create a solution custom-designed for your particular organization.


Our security options offer many top-of-the-line features including mobile control, secret alerts, wireless sensors, instant response, and more. If you would like to learn more about our modern, custom security systems, call our experts today to find out why we are the trusted local specialists in security.

We offer security systems and solutions in Jacksonville, Green Cove Springs, Ocala, Palm Coast, Daytona Beach, Palatka, Orlando and St. Augustine, Florida. We also offer following solutions:

Security and Fire Electronics, Inc. is now an official Bosch Security Dealer. To read more, click here.

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