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NOTIFIER Commercial Fire Alarm System Installation, Inspection & Monitoring by SAFE Inc.


SAFE Inc.: Fire Alarm Solutions & ServicesFor fire alarm services, installation, inspection & testing, and monitoring, turn to the experts. You can trust SAFE to truly know fire systems.

SAFE offers fire alarm engineering and design, and implements large, complex systems with ease, and has done so for some of the largest sites in the US. We service, inspect and maintain systems of all sizes and provide sprinkler system monitoring. To read more about monitoring click here.

SAFE provides the annual test, inspection, and certification that all fire alarm systems are required to have per state law and national codes. Unlike some companies, SAFE will do a true, complete test of every device as code requires.

We provide lightning damage repairs and prevention, as well as all types of fire and sprinkler monitoring, including phone line, cellular and IP. We are also experts in providing voice evacuation, networked systems, and intelligent, easy to operate systems.

All our fire solutions are scalable: from very small and simple to very large and complex.

A few of the brands we work on:

  • NOTIFIER (Authorized Engineered Systems Distributor)
  • EST
  • Fire Lite
  • Gamewell / FCI
  • Silent Knight
  • Siemens
  • Simplex / Grinnell
  • Thorn
  • Johnson Controls

Most people do not realize that fire alarm systems are probably the most unique type of system in their facility. They do not operate like any other type of system such as burglar/security systems, power, lighting systems (or lighting controls) or HVAC. Their design, principle of operation, installation, maintenance and testing are unique because they are subject to very specialized, complicated sets of codes and rules. It is hard to find a truly qualified and disciplined company that can offer you both true compliance and reasonably priced service.

Fire alarm technicians often joke that they can tell from just one look inside the panel when an unqualified tech has been working on the fire panel. The rat's nest appearance gives it away. Fire alarm systems are different than other systems, and require a higher and more complex skill set and level of training. For work on your fire alarm system, you need properly trained, certified, and experienced technicians.

We have team of experts who offer fire alarm solutions and services in Jacksonville, Green Cove Springs, Ocala, Palm Coast, Daytona Beach, Palatka, Orlando and St. Augustine, Florida. We also offer following solutions:

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"The SAFE Inc. employees we worked with were very professional, kept up with the pace of the job, were on top of their game, and had the man-power we needed. The client and school board were both very pleased, the general contractor was very pleased, and we enjoyed the relationship."

Wake Gailey
Owner, Carter Electric Company


“I’ve been working with SAFE Inc. for over 10 years. They have bent over backwards for me, even if it was two o’clock in the morning.  I can always depend on SAFE Inc. for all of my Fire Alarms and Security needs. “

Rodney Austin